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Level Editor releases for Streets of Rogue

level editor releases for streets of rogue on linux mac windows pc

The Level Editor release for Streets of Rogue roguelite RPG on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Matt Dabrowski. Who also levels up the game yet again. Along with a nice discount on Steam. The game is also available on Humble Store and GOG.

Streets of Rogue will let you fight, sneak, and hack your way through randomly generated cities. Now even moreso using the in game Level Editor. Soo you release more anarchy in your gameplay. Which is still an impressive roguelite meets immersive sim. And rightly so, the Steam reviews are still 96% Overwhelmingly Positive.

Likewise, we have a major update with the level editor. Which is also tied into Steam Workshop. So you can share your madness with the rest of the gaming community.

Streets of Rogue Level Editor Introduction

According the update details on Steam. Matt Dabrowski has put a lot of work into the level editor. So that creating create content is easy enough to use for pretty much anyone. Since this gives you the change to use it and start making some cool scenarios. Check out this video for a quick introduction to the tools.

Level Editor

  • Level Editor and Workshop Support are now accessible to all players
  • Custom characters can be added to Chunks
  • A fix for cases where user-created campaigns and chunkpacks would not work in online games if they were in the Downloads folders
  • Plus a fix for an Error item appearing if player assigns an NPC’s item slot to “None”
  • Direction can be setup for Conveyor Belts
  • Fix for the game assigning “Important” objects for quests that would be impossible, i.e. a Retrieve Item quest for a Generator
  • Fix for cases where walls that the player put into a chunk would not save properly
  • Levels will still load if player chooses ‘Exclude Standard Chunks’ when using chunk packs, but there isn’t enough variety

Streets of Rogue is worth playing. The Level Editor release also comes with a 30% discount on Steam. Available as well on Humble Store and GOG. And of course, playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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