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Level Up and Learn Programming out now

level up and learn programming humble bundle games for linux mac windows pc

Level Up and Learn Programming games releases for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the good folks behind the Humble Bundle team. Available now as a solid game bundle purchase.

Level Up and Learn Programming will have you explore the FUN-damentals of coding and computing. Which is due to test your brain and have a blast learning with these acclaimed logic and puzzle games. At the same time, exploring the key concepts of programming. Including AI and machine learning too! Build a neural network to communicate with cats in while True: learn(). Automate office workers and create a living CPU in the award-winning Human Resource Machine in Level Up and Learn Programming. As well as its acclaimed follow-up 7 Billion Humans. Which is also an amazing game. Build a feline Learning Factory on Mars. You can also become a hacker in EXAPUNKS. Maybe learn something new in the process, all while supporting Carbonfund.

Pay $10 USD or more with a total cost of $99 USD for the games in the Level Up and Learn Programming bundle. You can also choose the price and increase your contribution tier. Getting 100% Linux support for these games, which we haven’t seen from the Humble Bundle for a while.

Level Up and Learn Programming games include:

  • Learning Factory
  • EXAPUNKS (playable on Steam Deck)
  • while True: learn() (verified for the Steam Deck)
  • 7 Billion Humans (verified for the Steam Deck)
  • Human Resource Machine (verified for the Steam Deck)
  • SHENZHEN I/O (playable on Steam Deck)
  • TIS-100 (unsupported on Steam Deck)

All of the games in Level Up and Learn Programming are available on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which also lets you support charity. Plus you choose where the money goes. Either between the publishers,, and a charity of your choice via PayPal Giving Fund. You can also drop a Humble Tip as well.

Level Up and Learn Programming new Humble Bundle is available for $10 USD. Of course any further contribution is your choice. But again, this is a 100% Linux supported bundle with Mac and Windows PC. This is definitely a win for the Steam Deck with this bundle purchase.

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