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Leviathan unleashes now in Europa Universalis IV

leviathan releases now in europa universalis iv for linux mac and windows pc

Leviathan releases now in Europa Universalis IV for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Paradox Tinto. Currently available on Steam, Humble Store, and Paradox Plaza.

Why voyage to distant shores when there is treasure and plunder so near by? The gold of our vassals will decorate our palace. While piles of plunder from looted rivals will fund its upgrades. It is said that true growth comes from within. So that nothing lasting can be built on the ashes of war. We say that true growth can also come from the enemies you make along the way. Now, with Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan, you can harvest your foes for development and profit.

Available now, Leviathan is the latest expansion to Paradox’s celebrated historical grand strategy game. Also, the first developed by Paradox Tinto. Leviathan adds a number of new diplomatic and domestic options. With even more chances to expand and improve your nation’s position. While it competes for power from the Renaissance to the Age of Revolution.

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan – Release Trailer

While this all sounds grand, Leviathan reviews are Mostly Negative. This is also a huge shock. Since Paradox releases usually bolster positive feedback. But this time it seems the new content is buggy. Although I’m curious how buggy the game is on Linux. Reviewers on Steam are disappointed. Even with an extensive feature list, the gameplay at the level of quality Paradox fans expect.

Features include:

  • Improved Diplomacy: Cultivate relationships with your neighbors. Curry favor so you can request gifts, military support and even provinces.
  • New Regency Options: Regency councils represent the interests of the most powerful estate. These can be extended to delay the ascension of an unfit monarch.
  • Specialized Colonial Nations: Leviathan lets your colonies focus on military help. Including trade power or self-government.
  • Concentrate Development: You can now steal development from your servants or territorial possessions. Using this to enhance the power of your capital city.
  • Pillage Capital: Loot an enemy capital as a condition of peace. Then taking development back to the capital city.
  • Expand Infrastructure: Provinces can expand their capacity to build new buildings and manufacturing. Leviathan allows smaller nations to create centers of wealth for a modest cost.
  • Centralize State: Reduce the cost of government by spending unused Reform points.
  • Totemism: Nations that follow the Totemist religion can revere a pantheon of past leaders. While earning bonuses that reflect the skills they had in life.
  • Monuments: Expand and establish great projects. Adding new bonuses to your empire.
  • New Unit Models: New army sprites for Southeast Asian nations. Including Indochinese, Indonesian and Polynesian nations.
  • And more: Including the ability to carpet siege enemy provinces. Then draft transports as a plutocratic nation. Watch heirs gain rights as they wait to inherit the throne and other changes.

Free Update to the base game:

Leviathan is accompanied by a major free update for all Europa Universalis IV players. The “Majapahit” update includes modifications to the maps of Southeast Asia and North America. Along with major gameplay changes for North American First Nations. It also adds Australian Aboriginal nations.

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan releases on Steam, Humble Store, and Paradox Plaza. Price at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / €19.99. Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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