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Liberated tech noir graphic novel coming 2019

liberated tech noir graphic novel coming 2019 in linux windows pc games

Liberated is tech noir graphic novel coming Linux and Windows. All thanks to Independent developer Atomic Wolf. Who are working with And also publisher Walkabout Games. Announcing the games latest trailer for Steam.

Liberated has a brand new trailer for tech noir graphic novel. Also launching later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Since you will leap into the frame of a graphic novel. With classic motion comic storytelling progress. Moving into fully playable action sections. Doing so in a story about high tech control. Since they are squeezing society’s freedom away.

Liberated was honoured as a finalist at the 2019 SXSW Gaming Pitch Competition.

Linux Support:

“Yes, Liberated will be available on Linux. The engine we’re using is Unity.”

Developer Atomic Wolf also goes on to explain the games creation. Since this will included in Steam page updates. Seeing the games does not have an official release date yet. But it’s a pleasure to see Linux in the mix. So more details are incoming.

Liberated players will experience a story. Where government rules using advanced technology. While they shape the population. Since civil rights are a thing of the past. The government engaging in complete control. Doing so over every citizen in the world. Social media activity and online payments. Also things like GPS location tracking. All from mobile devices to monitor every single person.

But in this world, there are radicals resisting this abuse. Fighting for their freedom. While government agents try to maintain order and control.
In Liberated, players will experience both sides of this conflict. With every choice they make. This also changes the course of the story.

Told over the course of four chapters. Each issue focuses on a different character. Liberated is an interactive graphic novel. One that combines the experience of a motion comic with a video game.
Liberated moves easily from a choice based branching story. All the way to fully playable action sequences.
Since the action moves from panel to panel. While combining a motion comic with 2.5D platforming. Also stealth mechanics and shootouts. Plus quick time events. Liberated brings the story to life like nothing else.

Liberated Trailer (Linux, Windows)

“The way technology is being used to aid government control. This has changed drastically in the 21st century. And we wanted to explore the dangers of where it’s seemingly headed,” said Marek Czerniak, Creative Director at Atomic Wolf. “Liberated explores this in a nuanced, pragmatic way. With a stylish blend of motion comics. And gameplay that keeps things brisk and stylish. On the edge of your seat!”

“When we first saw what Liberated was up to. We were instantly hooked!” said Robert Purzycki, co-founder of Walkabout. “It’s exploring real issues that we grapple with every day. As we wrestle with both the advantages. Also the perils of technology and social media. And the stranglehold corporations have over us. We think it’s one of the most thought provoking games on the horizon. And can’t wait to hear players discuss it!”

So that’s Liberated. Coming to both Linux and Windows in 2019 via Steam. We will have more details coming soon. Also the price and ideally the release date too.

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