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Lichenvale classic FPS hack and slash confirmed

lichenvale classic fps hack and slash confirmed for a linux gaming release with windows pc

Lichenvale classic FPS hack and slash confirmed for a Linux gaming release with Windows PC. Thanks to solo indie developer Filip Zemljak. The fast paced melee action is due to for a Steam release.

This also the first time solo indie development project. But due note, Filip Zemljak is working to include his previous AAA experience with the creation of Lichenvale. This is a first person hack and slash game. And it certainly takes inspiration for the classics such as Hexen, Quake and Blood.

Linux version is planned.

The game engine is Unreal Engine 4 and there already a test build available in Linux gaming. Filip Zemljak also keeps to classic controls. So if you’re a fan of old school FPS games. You’ll feel at home with Lichenvale. The gameplay is smooth and effortless. The only thing missing is mouse sensitivity. Likewise, if you are a willing soul, you can test the Alpha Demo right now.

The gameplay follows a female protagonist. There are dreams and there are nightmares. There is death and there are swords and spells to stave it off. Likewise, what will you do when dark specters come for you tonight? Players find themselves in the role of a young woman bothered by covid19 stress induced nightmares. Can you find your way through the labyrinths of darkness?

Lichenvale Teaser Trailer

Taking inspiration from 90’s hits, Lichenvale is more than fast paced melee action. But gameplay also mixes in the tactical use of spells and dashing around your enemies. This singleplayer title will feature a story mode. Including up to 10 maps full of various progressively difficult mobs. As well as regional and main bosses, with some light puzzling. Those seeking an adventure try out the New Game+ mode.

For the most daring, there’s an alpha-demo in Linux gaming. So you can try out the first level of the story mode right now. And you’re cordially invited to join the Discord server. Check out the #general channel and look for the Itch link. Try the demo and give your valuable feedback on discord.

The Steam page for Lichenvale is available now for those seeking more info. You can also Wishlist the game on Steam. A classic FPS hack and slash confirmed for Linux. The gameplay is certainly a classic style with checking out.

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