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Lifeless Moon exploration to get a port

lifeless moon cinematic exploration game is coming with native linux build beside windows pc

Lifeless Moon cinematic exploration game is coming with a native Linux build beside Windows PC. Big shoutout to Stage 2 Studios for giving us more details and support. Which has debuted on Steam with 93% Positive reviews.

Lifeless Moon delves deep into the mesmerising realm of space. While exploring a world that has you embark on a journey to the very limits of your imagination.

In Lifeless Moon you’re taking a trip straight to the moon. But not the moon as we know it. It’s taking place in a time when astronauts had classic Apollo-era swagger, where every small step was a leap for mankind. So, think retro-rockets, vintage space suits, and all that nostalgic space charm.

Yes, Linux is still definitely planned. I need to let the dust clear on the Windows release, but hopefully can provide an update in a couple weeks on this. I expect it will come between now and console release (early next year).

We just heard back from Stage 2 Studios! They’re focused on perfecting the Windows release right now, so they’re not setting a Linux launch date just yet. But they’re definitely planning to roll out native support, probably by early next year. And for those eager to know, Unity 3D is being used for development.

Lifeless Moon cinematic exploration Launch Trailer


When you’re deep into an experience, you start questioning everything. That’s exactly what Lifeless Moon is about. It’s like diving into a dream where everything feels eerily familiar but with an uncanny twist. You’re left wondering: what’s reality? Where am I in this vast cosmos? The visuals and stunning. It’s hauntingly beautiful, every corner you turn, every jump you make.

The moon isn’t just barren rocks and dust; it’s hiding a multitude of secrets. Your task in Lifeless Moon? To discover these hidden gems, to understand stories of explorers who dared to venture here before you. But something happened to those explorers, something big. To find your way back home, you’ll need to figure it out, dive into their stories, and decode the mysteries they left behind. Riddles, puzzles, unknown tech – it’s all part of the thrill. And as you progress, you’ll uncover a peculiar power that will challenge your perception and let your creativity run wild.

The universe is vast, mysterious, and full of wonders. And remember, in the world of gaming, it’s not just about playing Lifeless Moon it’s about living the experience.

Remember Lifeless Planet? That game gained a big following back in 2014. Lifeless Moon is its epic spiritual successor. And for those who are new to this series, it does have native Linux support. Now letting players dive into the “Lifeless Worlds” bundle on Steam, where you can get both games at a discount.

Lifeless Moon cinematic exploration is available on Steam for Windows PC. Also priced at $17.99 USD / £13.94 / 15,11€ with the 10% launch discount. But due to make its way onto Linux, likely in 2024. Stay tuned.

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