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Light Fairytale Episode 2 is coming to Early Access

light fairytale episode 2 rpg is coming to early access in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Light Fairytale Episode 2 RPG is coming to Early Access in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. We have some fresh new light on the project from developer Due to arrive later this year on Steam.

Light Fairytale Episode 2 is a turn based Japanese style RPG series. Which also features a modern setting with a classic core. And as s result, Episode 2 resumes the adventure right after Episode 1‘s cliffhanger. So you can play as Haru and Ayaka as they uncover the mysteries of the deep lands. While looking for a way back up to reunite with Kuroko. Meeting with a mysterious silver haired girl along the way.

But enough about that for a moment. Let’s have a look at Linux gaming and the Q4 2020 release.

It will have day one support for Linux on the full release. But probably not for the EA as I will have to do fast updates which is difficult with 3 builds to manage (Windows, Mac, Linux).
So, I will probably support only Windows in the start of the EA. Linux (and Mac) support will be added during the EA when the code is stabilized.

Since the Steam page for Light Fairytale Episode 2 can be misleading. It looks like this will not be a full release, but an Early Access debut. With only support for Windows PC, while Linux gaming and Mac take back seat. Rightly so, for development to be speedy, keeping platform support limited makes sense. And typically Early Access can run for a few months to a year or more. Which will also depend on player feedback during development.

Light Fairytale Episode 2 – Gameplay in the Ice Lair

The goal of Light Fairytale Episode 2 is to bring back the immersion and emotion. That is sought after with the 90’s era JRPGs on current platforms. With the expected evolution in design and art style.

Episode 2 resumes the adventure right after Episode 1. Including characters Ayaka. Who is a beautiful woman that likes taking care of the almost extinct flowers. As well as a mysterious girl. Silver haired with fierce words and deeds hiding a fragile heart.

Also a note the Light Fairytale series. Each episode is a standalone game, approximately 2 to 3 hours long. And for a first play through, double time time frame for a full completion of all the achievements and secrets.

Although optional, you can import your final save from the previous episode. Then bring back your stats, items and more!

Light Fairytale Episode 2 turn based RPG is coming to Steam Early Access in Q4 2020. Due to arrive on Windows PC. Then later in developer support for Linux gaming and Mac.

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