Lightspeed Frontier sci-fi sandbox adventure now available in Early Access

lightspeed frontier sci-fi sandbox adventure now available linux mac pc

So Lightspeed Frontier is a #universe #sandbox now on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since the #game is slated to include a huge scope with a large attention to detail. So Crowdwork Studios are opening development to the players to experiment with different ideas and features. Therefore Crowdwork Studios are keen to improve their relationship with the community while upgrading the game.

Lightspeed Frontier Trailer – Linux, Mac, Windows PC:

Current state of Lightspeed Frontier?

“The game currently has most features we intend to include in the final release, and puts many different tools in the player’s hands to make for the best sandbox experience possible. These features include in depth ship building with dozens of different modules, asteroid mining, tractor beams, galactic corporations, galactic stock market, advertisements and billboards that change based on players decisions, missions, and more!”

Lightspeed Frontier Story

So Faster than light travel has recently been made available for the common middle-class galaxy dweller. As the player, you have just saved up enough money to purchase your first command pod. This command pod can have it’s functionality and size extended with additional modular building blocks. Hence things such as engines, cannons, lasers, scanners, software, and more.

While upgrades are available for the ship in multiple ways. Hence completing various quests that you find around the frontier. While asking other ship owners if you can destroy them and salvage them for parts. Hence gaining resources or mining raw resources or selling them at stations in Lightspeed Frontier.
Hence doing so by acquiring more modules for your ship. Since your ship class will also increment unlocking more missions and special actions. While you start out as just a tiny fighter-class ship with less than 20 modules. Then eventually reaching the pinnacle of modular ship development by acquiring 400 or more individual components. Hence upgrading your to the final Dreadnaught class.


Quests are one of the most unique features in Lightspeed Frontier. Since they are not issued through your typical ubiquitous “mission posting”. Players will need to be aware of the various breaking headlines, advertisements, and direct messages. Hence keeping an eye on people you encounter throughout your travels. This means that if you want to have work, you need to go out in find it. Making exploration a key part of the game, since it also will result in more rewards and quests for you to pick up.

So naturally, battling other ships is a key part of the game. While also one of the challenges of traversing the frontier. Therefore players are safe when they are near space stations. But once you venture out into open space, your warp signature will draw in scavengers like sharks, so prepare for it. So use the multitude of different weapons, manoeuvring techniques. Or use classic physics to destroy opponents (ramming into ships is actually a viable way of destroying them or knocking off their modules!). So players will face constant and ceaseless life-threatening encounters in far reaches of the universe.

Space is a massive opportunity for investment and profit which brings interstellar corporations to the frontier’s outposts and space stations. These corporations can provide you with shipping contracts, protection work (or even more shady jobs once you earn their trust) or you can just simply invest into their stocks.

May 26th Update:

“Yes there will be multiplayer before we leave early access.”

Lightspeed Frontier is available on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. With a 10% discount until March 14th.

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