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Limbo On Linux Incites Humble Bundle Petition

Not that I necessarily agree with the Limbo



Over a hundred Linux gamers have signed a petition against the inclusion of non-native games in the popular Humble Bundle compilation in response to the appearance of LIMBO in the fifth such bundle. In its past four iterations, the bundle has offered gamers a collection of games for Linux, Windows, and Mac with a “pay-what-you-want” philosophy – but the latest compilation includes a version of LIMBO which has not been natively ported to Linux.

In a thread on Reddit, bundle organiser Richard Esguerra explained the reasoning behind the move and urged those experiencing issues to contact their support desk: “In the case of LIMBO, our porting friends said there was some audio middleware that’s not easily supported on Linux, [so] we decided to see if we could experiment with another solution that could offer a rock-solid Linux gaming experience.”

“CodeWeavers took it on – they do highly customized [sic] Linux wrappers to optimize [sic] specific pieces of software – and the prototypes worked incredibly well. They spent a lot of time tweaking and optimizing [sic], and it passed their QA and our QA (and seemed to perform more consistently than even some of the native ports we’ve seen).”

Despite that, the online petition argues that including non-native editions of Linux games sets a “horrible precedent for the future, encouraging developers to merely put out unoptimized Windows binaries of their games […] merely to con Linux users out of their money”. Its strong, argumentative text is marred however by its low target of 100 signatories.