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Line War new type of multiplayer RTS out soon

line war new type of multiplayer rts game out soon on linux with windows pc

Line War new type of multiplayer RTS game will be out soon on Linux with Windows PC. All due to the creativity and effort of developer Studio Centurion. Due to release a Demo next week ahead of the Steam Eary Access release.

Two man development team, Studio Centurion, are due to reveal their innovative new title: Line War. Coming soon to Steam Early Access and hitting the Next Fest in February. Line War is a strategy multiplayer game that does things differently. Plus, the game is due to offer Linux support, according to the Studio Centurion email.

Yes, Line War is built with Unity which “should” support Linux client builds out-of-the-box. In fact, our game servers are already a headless Linux build running in the cloud.

….we would prioritize a Linux version for EA unless wishlisting goes up substantially (it’s just 0.42% today).

While this is good news, the use use of Unity 3D should be no surprise. According to Studio Centurion, the Steam Wishlisting indicates a fairly low Linux preference. So in your Steam Store Preference, make sure Linux is the only operating system selected. Then help the developers by Wishlisting the Line War multiplayer RTS on Steam. Due to help ensure a Linux build for Line War

Inspired by classic RTS titles like Command and Conquer with a nod to famed board game Axis and Allies. Line War combines elements of 4X, wargame, auto battler, and real-time tactics genres. Doing so with a unique strategic experience for veterans and newcomers.

Line War Trailer

Line War’s well rounded control system allows players to quickly and intuitively issue commands. Doing so by drawing lines across the battlefield to move units. You can also form defensive lines, engage enemies, and conquer areas. Configure your command lines to filter out certain units to flank your enemies. Or have them dig-in or feed distant frontlines.

With procedurally generated maps, Line War players will need to expand their range. All due to acquiring resources in order to create key structures. The more area a player holds, the more change they’ll have to acquire energy and capital. From barracks to factories, airports to refineries. Each serves a distinct purpose in toppling the opposition. Choosing where to deploy buildings and the units they create is key to defending key locations. This also helps limit the enemy’s expansion.

With a single playable army to ensure balanced matches and just two resources to manage (energy and capital). Line War ensures players are free to focus on planning and executing a strategy through the use of its unique command system. Whether you choose to starve your opponent of energy through refinery sabotage. Maybe mount a brutal aerial offense with high powered rockets. You can also use transport ships to bypass defences, the key to victory lies in maximizing the use of the clever command system. One that is at the heart of Line War.

Line War multiplayer RTS can be Wishlisted now on Steam. Due to offer both Linux and Windows PC. Also, make sure to keep a look for the Demo next week.

To follow development news and updates, join the ranks on Discord and check out the official website.

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