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Linelight gets Linux support and discount

linelight gets linux support and discount in mac windows games

Since #Linelight is a refreshingly inventive, minimalist puzzle-adventure. Hence the #games release only supported Mac and #Windows. While Linux was left on hold. Which is certainly not the case now. Since this very well received puzzle games supporting Linux via Steam. and a 33% discount until July 5th. Since gameplay already takes the wildly simple premise to Windows and Mac. “What if everything takes place on a line?” and rockets it into outer space.

So there no jump or shoot button. Therefore players move and that one ability creates a universe of possibilities. Which is to be one mind-bending experience. Since each mechanic is immediately understandable. So you gradually combine this with familiar elements. All leading to an exponentially large array of puzzles. While each has it’s own one-of-a-kind solution.

Linelight Features

  • Bask in the soft glow of a world made out of straight lines.
  • Experience 6 hours of pure, unadulterated gameplay.
  • Solve more than 250 unique puzzles across 6 unique worlds.
  • Enjoy a Zen-like, ethereal soundtrack, and enter a state of flow.
  • Explore the intricacies of each world to uncover secret challenges.

So the core design mantra is “Simplify until another reduction would remove the puzzle.” Linelight revels in the natural depths of puzzle design. Providing the player everything they need to reach its hundreds of grin-inducing “Aha!” moments.

The straight forward and calming visuals and soothing soundtrack are meditative. Linelight simulates the experience of getting an A+ on an exceptionally hard test. While receiving a back massage.

Linelight is available right now on Steam with a 33% discount in games. Since we now have a Linux release, along with the Mac and Windows builds.

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