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Linux and Mac ports of Indie Game Fez in the works

While Fez 2 has recently been cancelled by developer Phil Fish, Polytron’s producer Marie-Christine Bourdua has confirmed to Joystiq that the studio is still working with Sony on an upcoming project. Bourdua also confirmed that indie-hit Fez will be getting ported to Mac and Linux.
While the Mac and Linux ports are in development, Bourdua stated that “there’s other stuff on the way, too.” The studio is also “working with Sony” on what we speculate will be Fez ported on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The studio might also be working on some exclusive PS3 or PS Vita titles.

Fez was originally launched on the Xbox 360 as part of the Summer of Arcade 2012 line-up, but was released on the PC back in May. While there is no PlayStation 3 version of the game, Phil Fish has earlier stated that he is in talks with Sony about it.

Coming soon to Mac and Linux

Fez is a puzzle platformer that was in development for five years. You control a small white creature named Gomez, who lives happily in a floating 2D village. He comes across a magical fez hat which reveals that the world is actually three dimensional. The main gameplay mechanic is the ability to perceive the 3D world and shift dimensions, but you’re able to move across only 2D plans. Gomez has to collect several pieces of a giant magical cube with this newfound ability as the cubes are causing the fabric of reality to tear apart.

The main goal of Fez is to collect the 32 cubes to rebuild the Hexahedron and restore Gomez’s world before it is torn apart. Cube and cube fragments are visible and are collected by simply going near them. Players can also collect 32 anti-cubes by solving puzzles, many of which require some knowledge of cryptology and analysis. As cubes and anti-cubes are collected, doors are unlocked and the player can access new areas.

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