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Linux-friendly Kickstarter Game Projects

A reader (thanks coryholl!) sent in the following compiled list:

At present the following game projects promising Linux versions are seeking funding at Kickstarters:
The Banner Saga
Bump N Brawl
The Earth: Battle for Survival- A Game of strategy
– Rebirth (?)
– Shadowrun Returns – Nekro (?)
Wasteland 2

I know of the following funded projects which have promised Linux versions:
Double Fine Adventure
Proppa(プロッパ) (Linux version only available to backers?)
FTL: Faster Than Light

And the following game projects imply that a Linux version may be made in the future or added to the project should the project become sufficiently over funded:
BIONITE: Origins
Chuck’s Challenge 3D
Commander 3
The Dead Linger
fleetCOMM : Operation Vigrior
Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road: “A Year of Adventure”
Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!
Starlight Inception™
That’s Why You’re Not Ugly! – The Game

Any missing? And what do you think about this new trend?

edit: arvd also posted this list in our comment section; thanks!

by Crusader