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Linux Game ‘Nikki and the Robots’ Launches With ‘Pay What You Want’ Offer

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If paying a pittance for the latest Humbe Indie Bundle wasn’t tempting enough, indie platformer ‘Nikki and the Robots‘ has also launched itself on Linux using the ‘Pay What You Want’ model.

The cute retro-styled game packs in a lot of fun, an amazing soundtrack, and plenty of challenge.

As well as controlling the main character of ‘Nikki’ you will also need to take charge of a variety of robots as you progress through levels. They can be used to ‘switch on elevators, shoot cannons and explore levels with a jetpack.’


Buy It For Whatever You Want

The offer is only running for the next few days – so you’ll need to be quick in bagging a copy. But whether you buy the game for $1 or $100 you’ll get all future episode updates at no extra cost.

A free version of the game is also available. This sports simplified graphics and no ‘episodic’ story mode.

The team behind it have yet decided on what price it will regularly retail for; so I can’t tell you whether paying $4.99 is a bargain or too much.

Buy ‘Nikki and the Robots’

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