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Covering gaming news and the latest and upcoming Linux releases. Since our aim is to show the PC community why we choose this preferred operating system over Windows.
Likewise, we are here to build a community website. Providing the latest news for upcoming games. Backing our readers with the latest updates and information. While supporting dedicated fans who appreciate gameplay on a more stable operating system.
Native popularity is still climbing. So if you are new and looking for the next big release. We continue to bring the latest gaming news.

Why Linux Gaming News?

Since the Ubuntu OS has aspired a great deal in the last few years. Not only for Steam titles. But the ease of use and installation.
We are no exception, the free software and applications are what pushed this website into existence. Also the help of Steam supporting Linux gaming in the industry.

There still lacks a reliable outlet to bring the latest gaming news and upcoming content. So we turn to users as well as Reddit. While we help make changes and address the Windows community this year. While we bring the Linux gaming experience to you. Available now using a free operating system. With better stability and more features in the for free. Which also happens to have a strong community behind it.
So check out the gaming news and upcoming titles right here. You can also reach out directly by email or Discord. We also welcome new titles and any suggestions you might have. Including developers and publishers looking to get the word out.