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Frostpunk The Fall of Winterhome releases

frostpunk the fall of winterhome releases for linux windows

The Fall of Winterhome, a story-driven, free expansion for Frostpunk on Windows, that runs on Linux. So if you already own the game, this new update seems to give even smoother performance via Proton. Available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Deep Sky Derelicts has a day one launch date

deep sky derelicts has a day one launch date

Deep Sky Derelicts will launch with day one Linux support and we have the launch date. Also coming in less than two weeks.So we will finally be able to visit the fabled Mothership and complete the story on September 24th, 11 am CEST.

Nimbatus Space Drone Constructor launch date

nimbatus space drone constructor launch date for linux mac windows

Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor is an action-packed simulation launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Which will also out on October 3rd and will be priced at $19.99 USD.

Combat Update II with Turret Building in Avorion

Combat Update II with Turret Building in Avorion for linux mac windows

Combat Update II with available now with Turret Building in Avorion for Linux, Mac and Windows. While including new UI overhauls, a new sophisticated Turret Design Editor. Also new coaxial weapons as well.

Humble One Special Day Bundle limited support

Humble One Special Day Bundle limited linux support just windows

Humble One Special Day Bundle is available now for Windows with limited Linux support. While the previous Unity Bundle has some great games, older mostly. The expectation for more native games is ongoing, but not the case. While your purchase does support SpecialEffect.

Speed Brawl 2D combat racer works via Proton

speed brawl 2d combat racer works via proton on linux

Speed Brawl is a combat racer available now on Windows, but will see Linux support. And since this is a Unity 3D title, we have the game running via Proton. Releasing on Steam and GOG.

Seers Isle graphic novel launches on Steam

seers isle graphic novel release date delay for linux mac windows

Seers Isle interactive graphic novel for Windows, Mac and Linux that launches on Steam and Since the critical success of Along the Edge in 2016. Nova-box, the indie studio from Bordeaux, launches the new, improved version of their take on the interactive novel.

Hot Wheels reveal new Rocket League DLC

hot wheels reveal new rocket league dlc on linux steamos mac windows

Hot Wheels has a new reveal Rocket League with the next DLC coming to Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows. Psyonix, independent video game developer and publisher are once again working with Hot Wheels. Still the number-one selling toy in the world.

Dins Legacy now available on Early Access

dins legacy now available on early access for linux mac windows

Dins Legacy is now in Early Access on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also releases with a discount until September 24th. And the reviews are looking pretty good, despite bugs.

KRONE Trailer Pack hits Euro Truck Simulator 2

krone trailer pack hits euro truck simulator 2 on linux mac windows

KRONE Trailer Pack hits Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since SCS Software have the truck sim game that keeps on growing. And also proudly announcing the latest addition to the wide range of specialised DLC‘s.

The Hex murder mystery official release date

the hex murder mystery official release date for linux mac windows

The Hex murder mystery has an official release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Daniel Mullins Games has been working on the game for the past two and half years. Finally getting a release on Steam, Itch and Humble Store.

Total War: WARHAMMER II to be vulkanised

total war warhammer ii to be vulkanised on linux

Total War: WARHAMMER II has some good news. Since Feral Interactive confirm the second instalment will have Vulkanised support. Bringing the epic fantasy strategy series to Linux and Mac this year.

New DLC expansion for Wizard of Legend

new dlc expansion for wizard of legend on linux mac windows

Wizard of Legend will be receiving a new DLC expansion in winter 2018 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Contingent99 and Humble Bundle who are reager to announce the expansion, called “Sky Palace.” Which will include more enemies, new signatures, a whole new chapter, and more.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove the release date

shovel knight treasure trove the release date for linux mac windows

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. The massive update comes with a lot content. But then again, it’s Yacht Club games. So we expect good things in this Free Update.

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