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Ballistic Overkill new skins and a big discount

ballistic overkill new skins and a big discount on linux mac windows

Ballistic Overkill – the run and gun FPS gets Free Skins and big discount on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. So this means some further changes and another content update.

Dead Cells roguevania finally gets support

dead cells roguevania finally gets support for linux and mac on steam

Dead Cells roguevania action-adventure game is finally has Linux and Mac support. Thanks to Motion Twin the release is playable via Steam Early Access.

The Guild 3 native support and Early Access

the guild 3 medieval simulation linux support and early access update

The Guild 3 will be releasing from Early Access, but we have new about Linux support. Since reaching out to the developers, we have information coming directly from THQ Nordic.

Rise of Industry update is a Major Overhaul

rise of industry update is a major overhaul for linux and windows

Rise of Industry has launched its major overhaul update on Linux, Windows via Steam Early Access, Humble Store and GOG.
The days of the classic tycoon game are back. Since developer Dapper Penguin Studios re-introduces the 90’s inspired game .

Heat Guardian native port coming soon

Heat Guardian top down shooter linux port coming soon

Heat Guardian is a hardcore top-down shooter set in a freezing world available on Windows, but coming to Linux. But when? Well we have feedback from the developer, finally.

Albion Online opens Seasonal Referral Rewards

albion online opens seasonal referral rewards on linux mac windows

Albion Online opens Seasonal Referral Rewards across Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the referral season starts now. Active players can refer friends and get three new rewards. These are the Recruiter’s Chest, the Recruiter’s Tiger Cape, and the Recruiter’s Tiger.

Victory At Sea Pacific a huge open world RTS

victory at sea pacific a huge open world rts for linux mac windows

Victory At Sea Pacific is an upcoming RTS with a huge open world on Linux, Mac and Windows. So thanks to Evil Twin Artworks, the award winning indie team behind PC RTS classic, Victory At Sea. Who now discuss the vast open world warfare in upcoming RTS Victory At Sea Pacific.

BATTLETECH now closer to a release date

battletech release date and new story trailer for linux mac windows games

BATTLETECH is available now on both Mac and Windows, but there is news regarding Linux. Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes announce details about the release. Since I am one of those people waiting patiently.

Human: Fall Flat smashes sales charts

human: fall flat smashes sales charts on linux mac windows

So it’s official, Human: Fall Flat breaks sales charts across Linux, Mac and Windows. Award-winning publisher Curve Digital, alongside fan heralded No Brakes Games, are proud to announce the news.

Guacamelee 2 native support is unsure

guacamelee 2 co op multiplayer metroidvania linux support unsure

Guacamelee 2 is a co-op-multiplayer Metroidvania action game coming to Windows, but what about Linux? At the time of emailing developer DrinkBox Studios with some feedback.

ARK: Extinction an upcoming expansion pack

ark extinction an upcoming expansion pack for linux mac windows

ARK: Extinction is the new the upcoming expansion pack for Linux, Mac and Windows. While Studio Wildcard release it’s first trailer into the wild ARK: Extinction.

39 Days to Mars new free content coming in July

39 Days to Mars new free content coming in july for linux mac windows games

39 Days to Mars will get new and free content on Linux, Mac and Windows. Since developer It’s Anecdotal is eager to announce the update release for its PC puzzle-adventure game 39 Days to Mars. This is all set to launch July 23rd on Steam, Humble Store and

Color of Madness launches for Darkest Dungeon

the color of madness dlc launches for darkest dungeon on linux mac windows

The Color of Madness launches for Darkest Dungeon on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also comes with a number of new features. But the biggest is the new “Endless Harvest” quest which is an Endless Challenge mode. Now live at 10am Pacific Time on Steam and Humble Store..

Hide Or Die asymmetrical horror native release?

hide or die asymmetrical horror game linux release

Hide or Die is a large scale asymmetrical horror multiplayer game for Windows, but what about Linux?
Since the recently successful Kickstarter, which hit all of it’s Stretch Goals. We reached out to developer VecFour Digital with with some surprising news.

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