Antihero huge discount with a Free Weekend

antihero huge discount with a free weekend on linux mac windows

Antihero has a huge discount and a Free Weekend for Windows, but playable via Proton on Linux. All thanks to Independent video game publisher Versus Evil. Also in partnership with independent developer Tim Conkling. Who announce this Free Weekend on Steam, with a 67% discount and Very Positive reviews.

Antihero can only be described as an absolute steal, devious digital board-game. So now with this Free weekend on Steam, players can jump online in casual head-to-head matches and ranked PvP multiplayer. Which plays really well via Proton on Steam. You can also play through the story-driven campaign.

Antihero Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Set against the backdrop of a gas-lit Victorian underworld. Antihero players assume the role of a Master Thief, and employ underhanded and ruthless tactics. While you dominate the city and outwit their opponents. The game also includes a story-driven single player campaign and a Skirmish-vs-AI mode. So this should help would-be thieves practice their skulduggery skills. Then go face to face with online opponents.

Antihero also includes two online game modes.  ‘Casual Matches’ are asynchronous affairs – players can take their time to their next move. And also have multiple games running simultaneously. In ‘Live Match’, players face their opponents in real-time, with a turn-timer upping the pressure dramatically.

Those who have experience as thieves can also set up custom “House Rules” to tailor matches to their tastes. Even better though,Antihero is cross compatible with mobile too. So even though we have to use Proton via Steam Play, the gameplay is at Platinum level. And with this Free weekend, should give everyone amp time to playtest on Linux.

Free Weekend and Discount:

The Antihero Free Weekend on Steam is already under way, until Sunday, September 23rd at 1 pm. Also priced at $4.94 USD with that 67% discount. A very good Windows deal that’s very playable via Linux.

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