Blacksmith RPG simulation leaves Early Access

blacksmith rpg simulation leaves early access in linux mac windows games

Blacksmith is the definitive RPG simulation experience on Linux, Mac and Windows, which now Leaves Early Access. Developer Otis Miller released the game back in April of 2018. Where gameplay has the player making and selling Weapons, Armour and Tools. While send Heroes on Quests to unlock their unique potential. And the review ratings on Steam are a solid 81% Positive.

So this is the very first game from Otis Miller. Every piece of art in the game is drawn with charcoal, which is thematic because charcoal is used to make Steel. Therefore, playing Blacksmith, you know the game development infuses dedication. And some good ol’ heartfelt love.


While overall gameplay will have helping to grow the town of Ironwell. And also be a part of the community. Then work to master the elements as you find your calling as the Blacksmith.

Blacksmith comes with a unique crafting system, this allows for countless possible unique items. Since you can smelt up to 24 different Alloys in the Smelter. Hammering those into 27 shapes on the Anvil. Then customize everything even further with Helms, Arms, Blades, Styles, Handles, Enchants, and Dyes. And finally sell these items to the Heroes and Townsfolk.

After you equip Heroes, send them to Dungeons to gain resources and advance the story. You can also equip the Townsfolk, which means they will heal faster. With access to more Spells and Abilities. So gameplay is not just about earning Coin. The better you equip your patrons, the better it is for everyone in Ironwell.

In turn, as you the Townsfolk grow richer, you can help to build new buildings and upgrades. So you can progress from a small village to a large town. While upgrading things like roads, shops, church, fleurist and of course a Wizard Tower. What would any good town be without a Wizard Tower.

Blacksmith 1.0 RPG simulation Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • A unique crafting system that allows you to make weapons, armour and tools.
  • Wide catalogue of heroes with unique storylines to be discovered through quests.
  • Developing town, full of charming characters that will need your help to grow.
  • Lots of enemies, from Bandits to Wolves and everything in between.
  • Hand made art style, thematically using charcoal.

Also, like all good weapons and battle ready items. You can imbue your steel with the Feather of a Phoenix or the Bones of your Ancestors. Or just straight up enchat Weapons with Fire, Ice or Lightning to Burn Cloth or Zap Plate. Players will also have to learn new Spells, Abilities and Recipes. Working to become the best Blacksmith the world has ever known.

The games now out of Early Access:

Blacksmith RPG simulation is available on Steam as a full release on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also leaving Early Access with a 20% discount until January 18th. Which brings the price down to $7.99 USD.

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