Bloody Rally Simulator racing coming December

bloody rally simulator racing coming december on linux mac windows

Bloody Rally Simulator is 2D top down arcade style racing game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Set to release on December via Early Access on Steam. Also taking inspiration from classics like GTA / GTA 2, Death Rally, Carmageddon, Twisted Metal, Rock and Roll Racing and Micro Machines.

What goes sideways and kills people? A rally car! Compete in fun racing events where show doesn’t stop if one or two people from the audience get hit. So grab a couple of controllers and invite your friends over. The game also comes with hilarious split screen racing madness. Complete with an endless variety of procedurally generated tracks.

Since the Bloody Rally Simulator to Early Access, we have the latest trailer. Highlighting some of what you can expect.
Having also taking part in some Linux gameplay. The mayhem you see in the gameplay video below is what you get. The best part though, it’s crazy good fun. And seems to be also stable on Linux. Since developer Game Hero Interactive continues to issue regular updates via Steam. So feel free to join the Discord Community.

Bloody Rally Simulator in it’s current state of development doesn’t reflect the full feature set. A lot of important features are missing (and it’s the reason for aforementioned delay, I want to enter Early Access with more rich set of features). There will be at least one year of active development from now.
Car engine sounds will be thrown away completely and redone with proper sounds tied to RPM and gears”

Bloody Rally Simulator “Running in the 90s” Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Game Features:

  • Infinite variety of randomly generated Race Tracks
  • Campaign mode, with both singleplayer and local co-op
  • Possibility to share your custom built tracks on Steam Workshop for others to enjoy
  • 15 Unlockable cars
  • Split Screen Local multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Configuration setting to turn off blood (for family friendly split screen racing sessions)
  • Races with 100 opponents!

Planned features:

  • Online multiplayer
  • Custom cars in Steam Workshop
  • Different game modes (Race, Drift, Something with a lot of blood)
  • Driver XP and level-up
  • Car tuning and upgrades

Since Bloody Rally Simulator is set to release on December 18th for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also coming with a 15% launch week discount off the $19.99 USD price. The same price as the full build. Here is is a kudos to Game Hero Interactive for a solid Linux build so far.

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