Broforce now has a playable build for Linux and SteamOS


Broforce the platforming #shooter officially launched on October 15th for Mac and Windows PC. And now the Linux build has been released.

Broforce is inspired by action films of the 80s with Die Hard, Predator, Commando, Lethal Weapon and more adapted into a a cartoonish 16-bit #platformer with comically destructible environments. It’s even had a free Aliens-based update and an official The Expendables spin-off game.

Broforce’s campaign supports up to four-player co-op while there’s also a versus mode for the more competitive bros among us.

So, here are some details you want to now before installing the Linux release. First, there seems to be an issue for Linux players running dual or triple monitors. Launching the game makes playability impossible due to the 3084×1080 resolution.

Needless to say Linux Game News has you covered. First, we have emailed Free Live about the issue, along with trying a few fixes, like editing the Prefs file, or creating a ConfigData file in Saved Games, none of that worked.

How to fix the Broforce screen resolutions in Linux and SteamOS?

So first things first, we will have to manually navigate the menu, something we have had to do for other Unity titles.
The first thing we want to do is arrow down once in the Options menu, hit Enter, then in the next menu arrow down to the 11th menu item Fullscreen. Hit Enter, which will put the game into Windowed Mode, which is the only way the title is playable right now.
From here, users can set whatever Screen Resolution in the menu selection below. But know this, trying to launch the game in Fullscreen puts the game back into 3084×1080.

Hopefully this helps and makes playing Broforce in Linux and SteamOS easier. GG



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