Chasm the procedurally-generated platformer coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC this summer

Chasm is a procedurally-generated platform #adventure from Discord Games and currently in development for #Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Playstation 4. Taking equal inspiration from hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler‘s and Metroidvania-style #platformers, it will immerse you in a fantasy world full of exciting treasure, deadly enemies, and abundant secrets. Here’s the synopsis:

When a small mining community falls silent, a young soldier named Daltyn is sent to investigate. Upon arriving in the remote mountain town of Karthas, he discovers that paranormal forces have sealed the town off from the outside world. Now trapped, he’s left with no option but to explore the mines below the town and uncover the source of the disturbances.

Six huge procedurally-generated areas await, each lovingly crafted in a retro pixel art style. Help Daltyn gain new abilities and equipment, evade dangerous traps, and defeat hordes of deadly enemies in order to save Karthas – and possibly the world!

Key Features

  • Explore six massive procedurally-assembled areas from hand-crafted rooms
  • Enjoy challenging retro gameplay and authentic pixel art (384×216 native res.) in 1080P
  • Battle massive bosses and discover new abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas
  • Customize your character by equipping armor to your body and weapons, shields, or spells to either hand
  • Includes Normal, Arena, Time Trial & Hardcore Modes
  • Leaderboards for Hardcore playthroughs featuring quickest time and more
  • Linux, Mac, & Windows PC versions with Gamepad support

While Discord Games are a small game studio, their earlier Kickstarter back in 2013 with 6,938 backers pledging $191,897. But like all games, development takes time. And the goal of the studio is to create exciting new experiences that combine modern game design with classic 2D gameplay. The former release from the studios consisted of 2D shooter “Take Arms” on XBLIG in 2011, and formerly unreleased action-puzzler “48 Chambers” on PC and XBLIG in early 2012. So development of the procedurally-generated RPG Chasm began in late 2012.

Stay tuned for the Chasm full release coming Summer of 2015 on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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