Democracy 3 released, a government simulator on your computer

#Democracy# is now out for #Windows, Mac OS, and #Linux, and touts itself as “the only #game of its kind”, a #government #simulator that makes you responsible for “keeping the population happy, the economy booming and preventing society collapsing”.

The game is available for $24.95, and you can either buy it through Steam here, or buy it directly from the developer to get both a DRM-free version and a Steam key at the same time.

“Democracy 3′s release comes at a curious time, when the US government is actually shutdown, the political parties engaged in a stalemate where passionately held arguments about the right to affordable health care, state-provision of public services and the need to balance a country’s spending against it’s income are in danger of bringing the US economy to the brink of implosion,” writes Positech.

“There may not be any governing going on in Washington right now, but all the more reason for gamers to pick up where the politicians have left off. Can they avoid triggering the games ‘debt crisis’ situation and do a better job than the republicans and democrats? Can you?”

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