DYO co-op puzzle platformer now on Greenlight

dyo co-op puzzle platformer now on greenlight in linux gaming news

DYO is a two person co-op puzzle platformer where #twoplayers each take on the roll of a minotaur. Developed by #Waterman7 games and created using Game Maker, the title is now available on #Greenlight. Albeit Windows is the only listed platform, but we have reached out to the developers. So Linux and Mac will see support, while DYO is now seeking that community vote.

The best part of gameplay and what really is gaming news. Both of the split screen‘s can share in accessibility. So one player can work ahead or take on one part of the level, while the other navigates based on the first players actions.

So connect your screens and to help each other out, working together to escape the maze. Therefore both players have to work in tandem to make their way through the level. And should you risk plummeting to your death, there is a rewind option. Hence the necessary two player co-op aspect and working together. Check out the trailer below to get a sense of how this works:


  • 1-2 player local co-op
  • More than 30 mind-bending puzzles
  • Merge and split your screens to manipulate the level around you
  • Rewind mechanic lets you undo any mistake you made
  • No precision platforming. No enemies. No timers. Just you and your brains.

dyo co-op puzzle platformer greenlight gif linux gaming news

DYO puzzle platformer started out as a holiday project of three Game Design students. Then after a month, the three had what they thought was a small “finished” game. Through university they had the forunate opportunity to exhibit the game at several events, including the Gamescom in Cologne. And since DYO received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Hence the three decided to get back to working together as Waterman7 games. Now working on the title a half a year, getting it ready for Steam.

Right now, DYO is available to demo on Itch for Windows PC. But a Linux and Mac build will follow given the positive success of Greenlight.

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