Football Manager 2017 free to play this weekend

football manager 2017 free weekend on steam linux gaming news

Soccer fans who are looking to try managing their favourite team will get their chance this weekend. Hence Football Manager 2017 is #available free to play this weekend on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Launching this year as one of the most played games on Steam.
So, having started Thursday, the #freeweekend will run until 8pm on Sunday this evening, while also available with a 50% discount. While the real news, this discount will last until 8pm Monday March 27th .

Football Manager 2017 Features video:

So Football Manager 2017 gaming comes with an strict career mode, this has the player controlling every decision of the 2500 real football clubs. Players will be able to put together a dream team and pit them against friends or the AI. Players will be able to become a football tycoon by designing their own team. While placing it in any league of their choosing for that ultimate gaming challenge.

As anyone can expect from the quality of the Football Manager franchise. Any aspiring manager can get involved in player transfers but now pre-contract talks can take place with players. While also being able to go through their agents, where you are given the opportunity to share ideals for the club. The same as previous Football managers, gathering a first rate backroom team is essential to success. Since Football Manager 2017 two new staff members are introduced; Data Analysts to support your scouts and Sports Scientists to support your medical teams.

Football Manager 2017 has a lot to offer fans of one of the best sports, and the best news, its free to play this weekend. Now available on Steam and get into some Linux gameplay with that 50% discount.

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