Frozen Synapse 2 native release coming later

frozen synapse 2 linux release coming later

Frozen Synapse 2 brings you classic tactical gameplay for Windows but no Linux support yet. While we await this new twist taking place within a vast procedurally generated city. These are called “open world tactics”. Combining grand strategy and simultaneous turn-based combat.

Frozen Synapse 2 is slated to release September 13th via Steam and Humble Store. But according to a direct email from Mode 7’s found Paul Kilduff-Taylor. Linux is coming after the launch:

“We won’t have Linux support at launch but hope to put out a Linux version shortly after.

Base game will be $30 with a soundtrack bundle at $35.”

So having already downloaded Frozen Synapse 2. I was expecting to see Windows based files and such. But even that’s not the case:

frozen synapse 2 linux files

Clearly Mode 7 are taking the time to ensure that the Linux build works as expected. Having already tried to manually execute the install files with no success, obviously. This somewhat of a setback for Linux gamers. End the end, this should mean a more playable build.

Frozen Synapse 2 Out September 13th (Windows, Linux to follow)

Helpful Quote

Frozen Synapse 2 is the culmination of everything we’ve done since we started Mode 7. It’s got a proven tactical core with a big, systemic strategic overworld and I hope this gameplay video presents an honest, full depiction of the scope we’ve managed to achieve. We’re being very open about the nature of the game because we truly believe there’s enough in there for the content to stand on its own. If people don’t like this we’re probably going to quit and start an alpaca farm instead.

Frozen Synapse 2 – Gameplay

We’re desperate to get anyone who enjoyed the first game to check it out, as well as anyone who is interested in large-scale strategy games – it’s incredibly hard for any indie game to reach an audience these days, so wishlisting it on Steam would make a big difference to us. We have big plans to continue working on the game after launch, so we really hope it gains the traction we need to do that.”

Frozen Synapse 2 release is coming to both Steam and Humble Store priced at $29.99 USD. Or with the sound track for $34.99 USD for Windows. While Linux is coming later, with no exact release date yet.

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