Harold Halibut livestream via Kickstarter Live

harold halibut livestream via kickstarter live for linux mac windows games

Indie studio Slow Bros. announces a live stream or livestream for #HaroldHalibut – A Handmade Adventure Game. Scheduled for Wednesday July 19th, 2017 – 2pm EDT (6pm UTC). While #games expected to release on Linux, Mac and #Windows in January 2019.

So it’s not surprise to be creating a bit of attention. Including industry enthusiasm for the recently launched campaign on Kickstarter. Amongst the likes of Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert and Brian Fargo via Twitter.

Now the studio has scheduled a worldwide premiere of live pre-alpha gameplay. While this will be a Q&A as well as live sculpting. Which will be done by the game’s art director, Ole Tillmann.

The members of the team will be acting out the game’s dialogue during the livestream. While providing some details about the characters.

“We are also going to release a new teaser after the event. We don’t want to spoil anything yet. But we think it will give a good feel for the world of the game“, says Onat Hekimoglu, the game designer.

About Harold Halibut:

Harold Halibut is a modern adventure game, with a strong focus on storytelling and exploration. So players slip into the shoes of Harold, a young janitor and lab assistant. Fulfilling his duties amidst a diverse community that lives under water.

The game’s unique look is achieved by 3D-scanning “real-world“ models. Which uses classic sculpting, set-building and puppet fabrication techniques. Providing a handmade analogue feel. While ensuring the dynamic gameplay experience of modern 3D games.

Set in the wreck of a spaceship, stuck under sea on a distant water planet. Harold goes about his daily routine. This includes assisting Professor Jeanne Mareaux, one of the lead scientists on board. All in her attempt to find a way to relaunch the ship. Their plan is soon to be interrupted by an encounter with the unchartered world outside.

Harold Halibut is available now for pledges via Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. In addition to the usual rewards backers have the option to pledge for unique limited rewards. Such as original physical models and set pieces. Or having a character in the game sculpted after their likeness.

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