A Man’s Game Is His Castle: The Castle Doctrine from Jason Rohrer Announced


If you’re a lover of video games, you’ve probably heard of Jason Rohrer. He’s a designer willing to take games in new directions- directions that some gamers hate, making him a divisive figure. In any case, the co-op story maker Sleep Is Death, infinite shooter Inside A Star Filled Sky, and the surprisingly poignantPassage are important games that’ll be talked about when people realized history was happening. It’s for this reason that you should probably be aware of Rohrer’s next project, The Castle Doctrine.

What is The Castle Doctrine? Well, technically it’s a type of law in the United States that allows residents to use deadly force during home invasions without fear of reprisal. But for the purposes of this article, it’s “a massively-multi player game of burglary and home defense.” The site opens to a Yellow Pages ad to a home security company and a piece of paper torn from the phonebook.


What do they mean? Well, part of it definitely means that I spent half an hour Googling numbers and addresses to learn the ad was from an Akron, Ohio Yellow Pages, and that the number does belong to an actual home security service. Since that’s not information that’s at all useful, here’s the screenshots posted up on the website instead.”a-man-s-game-is-his-castle-the-castle-doctrine-from-jason-rohrer”



While no release date has been announced, the game is coming soon for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Original Source: ripten.com

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