Hyper Sentinel arcade shoot ’em up on Kickstarter with Linux demo

hyper sentinel arcade shoot 'em up on kickstarter with linux demo

So Hyper Sentinel is an old-school #arcade action shoot ’em up of the 1980s on Kickstarter. Hence the campaign hit the funding goal with 18 days left to go, but the dev team just #announced a Linux #demo. Which is amazing since this Unity 3D project is supercharged with beautiful 4K graphics, awesome power-ups, epic boss battles. Plus a heart-pumping SID style soundtrack all running at a blistering 60 frames-per-second!

Since gameplay is inspired by retro gaming classics. Therefore Hyper Sentinel features 12 action-packed levels, awesome power-ups, epic boss battles and 60 medals to complete. There’s a combo-chain score system, online leaderboards and 3-difficulty settings.

Linux Demo:

Developer Andrew Hewson just announced the Linux version of the demo available for download.

So what could be better than jumping into your Sentinel Fighter. All while facing of hordes of evil Alienoids and Level Guardians with a timely boost from your previously-planted Powerdroids. So not a bad deal.

Hyper Sentinel is under development by indie dev Four5Six Pixel. While the team also includes Rob Hewson, the previous Game Director at TT Fusion on handheld LEGO games. Including (LEGO The Lord of the Rings, LEGO Legends of Chima, LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO Batman 3, LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens). While also joined by John Ogden, veteran technical lead (Hydrophobia, Pool Nation XBLA, the World Snooker Championship series). At the moment, the Kickstarter exceeds the £15,000 goal at £17,486, with 465 backers and a couple days to go. So the pledges start from four pounds for the mobile version, while the Linux, Mac and PC tier is set at fifteen pounds. Kind of a pricey reward tier but the demo is free, so give it a try.

Hyper Sentinel is currently still going strong on Kicktarter for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Android and iOS.

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