Manipulated puzzle platformer coming March 28th

manipulated puzzle platformer coming march 28th in linux gaming news

Just announced in gaming news, Manipulated from #Wolfray Entertainment is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC on March 28th. Hence a logic platformer with a lot of #puzzles and plot #twists. And… explosions.

Since gameplay requires players to, put your thinking cap on, while also using your imagination. All while players go through a series of the most difficult puzzles in an experiment. Which will apparently “defy your common sense.” SO be careful – you will also have to face the evil robots that will be in your way.

So the objective is go through the experiment and find a way out of the laboratory. But remember – the game manipulated everyone who tried to get to complete it. Hence the puzzle. Will you be able to avoid it?

Game Features:

  • Defeat robots;
  • Solve puzzles;
  • Shoot objects;
  • Make explosions;
  • That’s what she said.

Game Requirements:

  • IQ 120 and above;
  • Minimum of 2 hands;
  • Your favorite computer.

While I have to admit, the trailer and the music has my attention. Even the art style has a reminiscent of say Don’t Starve. But that sense of humour though, I dig it. All of which has our attention and I look forward to getting into some gameplay.

Manipulated the puzzle platformer is the latest in gaming news. Hence the Linux, Mac and Windows PC release coming on March 28th.

Wolfray Entertainment was founded by Denys Malyshev in 2014, after a year working on the first game – Manipulated. The whole process of developing the game and establishing the company took quite a long time, because he passed it alone and on his own savings. At the same time, Denys had to combine the development of the game and a day job. Handle all the difficulties and complete the game wouldn’t be possible without friends and freelancers support who put their heart into this project. When the game development was over, Maksym Lupashko (community manager) joined the studio, after which the company began active communication with its audience.

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