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Mare Nostrvm is a strategy game by the developer of Qvadriga likely coming to Linux. So the games available now on Steam for Windows. While there are minimal reviews, the community has some enthusiasm. Which shows thanks to a twitter post from Nevertheless. Asking the developer point blank about native Linux support.

Linux support:

Mare Nostrvm is done using Unity. So a Linux port is quite possible. Right now we are doing upgrades requested by the players. But once we finished this we would ask our publisher if a Linux version could be done.”

The explanation from Turnopia speaks for itself. There is no defined release date or timeline just yet. Although having the Unity 3D confirmation explains the easy acceptance of a Linux release. So here’s hoping we see support soon. Since the games playable in singleplayer, multipplayer and online multiplayer.

What is all the excitement about? The games set during the turbulent war galleys era. This is when the civlizations along the Mediterranean Sea began extending their ambitions towards new lands. So the Naval Squadrons employ real tactics of that time.

Choose between fourteen ship types. Since these range from the small and primitive penteconter. All the way up to the powerful decares. So you can wage war in 24 historic naval battles.

Ram enemy ships, board them, or make use of your on-board harpax to make their encounter with Neptune the last!

Mare Nostrvm Preview (Windows, Linux):

Mare Nostrvm Features:

  • From the dawn of history to the Roman Civil Wars. From Iberia to Cyprus. Revive the ancient naval battles of the Mediterranean. 24 historic naval battles, including Salamis, the final defeat of Xerxes in Greece. And Actium, Downfall of Antony and Cleopatra.
  • Classic WEGO system. Plan the actions first. Then execute and view a simultaneous turn resolution.
  • Battle AI adapts to the tactical situation and the historical settings.
  • Configurable skirmish battles allows choosing of map, size, wind and opposing sides, using a point buy system.
  • Multiplayer mode allows multiple historical and skirmish battles to be played by two players using Slitherine’s easy to use PBEM+ system.
  • 14 ship types, from the swift penteconter to the massive deceres, equippable with devices like engines, towers, harpax, corvus, rodian firepots or sails.
  • Historical tactics and maneuvers, depending on the situation and the ship type. Ram, rake oars or grapple and board. Arrows, artillery and fire.
  • Squadron system with chain of command, the ships needs to be under command to be able to receive orders. Admirals and commanders has special abilities and a squadron range, lines of ships could be arranged out of this range to give command to all of them.
  • Gameplay features include crew fatigue, atmospheric phenomena like fog, rain and a variable wind system and special rules for treasure ships, local command, plague, anchored ships and transports.

The games on Steam

Mare Nostrvm is available now on Steam for Windows. So with a bit of patience, the games likely to get a Linux release, soon.

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