Motorsport Manager now Free to play for one week

motorsport manager free to play for one week linux gaming news

Some significant gaming news, the full version of #sports simulator Motorsport Manager [official site] is now #freetoplay until March 27th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since this giver everyone interested in playing this Sega title on Linux, plenty of time. So if you are a fan of games like Football Manager, this will be a likely solid choice. Hence Playsport Games #racing management simulator.

Motorsport Manager launch trailer:


  • The ultimate management game for fans of motorsport.
  • Feel the thrill of race day. React in real-time and make split-second decisions to gain the edge on your rivals.
  • Master advanced technology to customise every aspect of your car’s performance.
  • Create a top racing team composed of drivers, managers, mechanics and designers.
  • Step into a living, breathing world of motorsport with you at the centre.

Since launch, there has been a fair bit added to Motorsport Manager in updates. Which includes a laptop friendly 2D mode and mod support. So this may not be huge gaming news, but it does give gameplay a further range with Workshop support.

As I look now, the most popular mods include tweaking game systems like weather as well as adding real cars and liveries from real motorsports like Formula 1 and NASCAR. Or you can drive a ’91 Fiat Panda.

So download Motorsport Manager through Steam free to play for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the trial will end 5pm GMT on Monday, March 27th, so will the 50% discount. Bringing the price down to $17.99/£12.49/17,49€.

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