Nkidu Games hidden gems are wading in the Steam Summer Sale

Both of Nkidu’s games are on sale for the very first time. This is rather #amazing, seeing both #games are fully cross-platform (Linux, Mac, and Windows PC) and epic platformers. With a ton of personalized customization (technical phrase that means you will be playing for a long time).

Chuck’s Challenge 3D from Niffler is the follow-up to the classic puzzler Chip’s Challenge (a game you might remember playing on Windows 3.1 or something way back in the day). It’s 75% off, just $2.49.

Full Bore, a fantastic 2D puzzle-platformer from Whole Hog Games that puts you into the shoes/feet of a boar who bores. Great reviews (for reals) but still flew under the radar. 50% off, now just $7.49.

Would obviously appreciate you checking this out, the developers deserve it and tough to break through the noise on Steam these days.


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