Shards Online MMORPG now on Steam Greenlight for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


Shards Online is like an MMORPG for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Coming with the all familiar structure, however #gameplay focuses on having players build their own smaller worlds to inhabit, rather than issuing one massive one. Now a new #trailer has been #released announcing the Shards Online’s Steam Greenlight campaign, but things look more interesting with custom servers and the modding tools demonstrated. Players can even take on the roll of monsters, more like a dungeon master in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Shards Online is being developed by some people from Ultima Online, with a big focus in on giving players tools to create their own adventures by building “shards” or custom servers, these link together and form a comprehensive world. While there will be official servers offering a few variety of gameplay, such as a permadeath PVP shard, custom servers will let players customize every detail of your shard by using custom scripts and built-in modding tools. At this moment, servers are limited to only 64 players and Shards Online also has many other similarities MMO’s, such as questing and character progression, which is not much of a difference.

Shards Online was first came into existance through a Kickstarter back in November of 2014. Since then the project ahs gone on to raise over $200,000 in funding. Not a lot for an online role-playing game of this magnitude. Yet the Shards community and development seems to be continueing just fine. The title is currently in pre-alpha, which can be purchased for $20/€17,99. Or just wait until the beta launches in spring of 2017.

We are looking to see how Shards Online can introduce something different to the genre. Moving away form levelling up and grinding away, to playing something that rekindles a community that older MMO’s like Ultima Online had. Should this interest you, vote for Shards Online on Greenlight?


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