Shio difficult platformer debut coming to Linux

shio difficult platformer debut coming to linux in gaming news

Shio is making gaming news online. Hence this difficult platformer is very different, and soon to debut on Linux.

Linux release?

“We are planning to release a Linux version of the game, but unfortunately we don’t have an exact date. Some time in the future.”

While this is not your typical #platformer jumping game. What looks like a seemingly simple jump #action, is not. Therefore players will have to jump from lantern to lantern. All while avoiding seriously #difficult obstacles.
Yet who is this man under that mask? What he is doing there? Is he looking for something?
Many questions, but one way to find answers. So don’t blindly follow lanterns, try to find hidden rooms. And if you succeed, you will learn more about the man under the mask.


  • As a difficult crosscutting game. Face the challenge of the world by using the lanterns. The game does not have any fighting elements. So you still have to face a lot of powerful “enemies” carefully.
  • Meaningful scene layout: the game is split into four chapters. Therefore the scene can also be divided into four different types of weather. This “weather” will affect the level of challenge.
  • Various traps: the game carefully designed a variety of obstacles for players to explore. So try to understand and get used to the challenges. This will make gaming smooth.
  • Immersive electronic music: with pictures and music. The well-known electronic musician “Lanx” creates the tracks. Allowing players to have a more immersive gaming experience in each chapter.
  • Sad and secret story: find the sad and secret story in a difficult challenge. When everything is opened you will understand the true meaning of Shio.

So Shio is a refreshing and extremely difficult platformer action game. Developed in Unity, yet we are waiting patiently for a Linux debut. Which will be available soon, but there is no confirmed date as of yet. But this news is about an amazing action game, now available on Steam. While only supported for Mac and Windows, with a 10% until May 11th.

Stay tuned

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