Skeletal Dance Party action RPG release date

skeletal dance party action rpg release date for linux mac windows

Skeletal Dance Party action RPG release date is this week for Linux, Mac and Windows. Arriving on major stores October 22nd. Also a follow up to the highly successful Skeletal Dance Simulator. A free game for Linux Mac and Windows.

In the Skeletal Dance Party adventure you play as Reva. A young fox-eared necromancer on a quest to hold the biggest, funnest, most awesomest party for all her new friends. These new friends just so happen to be reanimated skeletons harvested from the bodies of her enemies. But she’s raising the dead and now they wanna raise the roof.

So you and your newfound friends will battle against the oppressive forces of the Temple of Righteous Light. While inviting a myriad of monsters to your big bash and dance your way to victory. So grab some milk and get ready for the party of your life and afterlife!

Skeletal Dance Party resurrects the charming voxel style and hypnotically bouncy physics. Also very similar to its free viral predecessor, Skeletal Dance Simulator, but into a full-bodied narrative experience.
So by casting spells, moving objects and people with telekinesis and resurrecting your enemies. More skeletons to join your party crew and reach the all-important goal of having the biggest party ever!

Skeletal Dance Party Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Personally, the trailer highlights some aspects of the gameplay. But really does not present actual gameplay and looks more casual. Even though is very much a Unity 3D game, I’m keen to see what the end game will be.


  • Physics – Everything is physics-based – you’ve been gifted with the power of telekinesis! You’ll solve puzzles, throw your enemies, and bring your friends and surroundings exactly where they need to be! You’ll also be able to flip tables, which is way more important.
  • Necromancy – Expand and lead your party army to victory with an range of magic spells and mystical powers! By the wiggling of your nose (and the tapping of your keys) you’ll turn the bodies of your enemies into more skelepals to keep the party going all night long!
  • Loot – Your skeletal minions will use anything they can get their boney fingers on to make your party as killer as possible! Your boney buddies will equip everything from weapons to hats, from spell books to trumpets, and dance their way into battle against the forces of the Temple!

Release Date:

Skeletal Dance Party is going to be available tomorrow, October 22nd for Linux, Mac and Windows. Price is $8.99 USD with a 10% launch discount. Which will be available on Steam, GameJolt, Green Man Gaming and Itch.

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