SmuggleCraft available with controller support

SmuggleCraft hovercraft racing now has controller support for linux mac windows in steam games

Since SmuggleCraft is a quest-based hovercraft game now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC (as of May 24th). Hence with any racing #games on #Steam one would expect Steam Controller support, right? Well that’s exactly what SmuggleCraft received in a recent update. Hence the randomly generated tracks and branching narrative. All #available now with that Steam Controller support.

So let’s talk about SmuggleCraft itself. Since the games mission is to have players smuggle contraband. While upgrading your hovercraft and running from authorities. So that players can discover the incredible stories of the inhabitants of the Dirahl world. And the games features include randomly generated tracks and fully upgradable hovercrafts.
While there are hundreds of combinations. Those quest-based missions come complete with illegal contraband and high-speed chases. And this also includes stories with alternate endings. All based on the players choice.


  • Randomly generated tracks make every race a new challenge
  • Fully upgradeable hovercraft with hundreds of combinations
  • Quest-based missions, complete with illegal contraband and high-speed chases
  • Branching story with alternate endings that change based on player choice
  • Split screen multiplayer up to 4 players, and online up to 8 players
  • Original Soundtrack by Bravendary merges classical with 80s synth pop

So Happy Badger Studio question what’s typically expected of a racing game here. Hence their quest to make something completely unique.
SmuggleCraft is a racing game that feels great to play. While giving players a greater sense of purpose in-game. All inspired by classic racing games. SmuggleCraft is set on a politically divided world. Which is reminds me of Star Wars, hence the pod races and planets on the outer rip. Where the player must decide who to help in order to get the upgrades they need. Since it could mean doing a favour for someone with questionable intentions.

SmuggleCraft is available now on Steam as well as the official website. Released with Linux, Mac and Windows support.

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