The Exiled MMORPG launches Closed Alpha and we have keys

the exiled mmorpg launches closed alpha linux mac pc

The Exiled is a social #sandbox #MMORPG where survival strategy meets skill-based PvP #combat. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While players choose to cooperate or conquer, craft or combat. Every decision is critical as you seek to flourish in a forsaken valley. Hence the classless system means you shape your character to fit your style of play. With no grind, full loot and unrestricted PvP clashes. Because you must constantly balance risk and reward. Then decide how to interact with the world and your fellow players. Craft equipment, construct your settlements and build alliances, as you explore challenging open world environments with unique geography and features. Each skirmish and siege will define your fate, as you vie to win your freedom from The Exiled.

To make a long story short, developer Fairytale Distillery love PvP, hence they do not like to grind for it. Doesn’t matter if that grind means clicking on rocks and trees. Even farming rats or watching the mining lasers overheat on some asteroid.  Because Fairytale Distillery just wants you to log into the game. Hence finding a friend or two and compete with an army twice the size. Hence a game that takes us seriously as adults and allows everyone to make their own diplomatic decisions instead of throwing us into a battleground with a bunch of randomly selected “friends” and “enemies”. This is a game that is constantly changing. Keeping players on our toes and forcing you to get better instead of showering with meaningless rewards and digital bauble.

The Exiled a Meaningful PVP:

  • Open PvP: Engage other players in combat anywhere, anytime.
  • Full loot: Carrying high-level equipment into combat means you risk losing it.
  • Player-run clans: No pre-built factions. You decide who you ally with.
  • City building and sieges: Build up your own towns – or raze those of your enemies.

The Exiled Skill-based Combat:

  • Full friendly fire: Make sure your fireballs hit the enemy and not your allies.
  • Line of sight: Hide behind a bush to ambush your enemies – and look behind you!
  • Footsteps: Every player leaves them behind – want to be a bounty hunter?

Free Character Development:

  • 15 different class combinations: Have you ever played a Scythe-wielding mage?
  • 80+ combat abilities: Build a lightning wall, lay explosive traps or shoot a hail of arrows.
  • All equipment is player-crafted: You can tweak your gear to fit your play-style.

The Exiled – A Changing World in Conflict:
The world of The Exiled is in a state of upheaval. A once peaceful and prosperous trading city turned from a multi-cultural melting pot into a stone cold dictatorship. You are on the receiving end of this societal change and together with hundreds of other misfits – criminals, political rebels and adventurers – you get exiled to a barren land -The Valley. Now you have to decide how to continue your life. Do you become a lone wanderer and live off the lands? Will you join the rebels and try to leave the valley by force? Or do you turn to your baser instincts and survive by robbing your fellow inmates?

Closed Alpha Keys:

  1. TE1183356068928577
  2. TE1183388364746253
  3. TE1183395826920198
  4. TE1183501097318895
  5. TE1183937538047427
  6. TE1184270999744165
  7. TE1184315404474863
  8. TE1184481732985725
  9. TE1184616755264973
  10. TE1184990000592175
  11. TE1185154187063300
  12. TE1185365364009783
  13. TE1185442747767502
  14. TE1186060512193150
  15. TE1186542373555492
  16. TE1186561230118234
  17. TE1186620709923536
  18. TE1186720735544805
  19. TE1186893442557988
  20. TE1186905602251765

You can get the Linux patcher and client from Since Fairytale Distillery do not have a lot of linux alpha testers, these might both be a bit more buggy than the other OS versions. In case the patcher does not work for you, try the naked client download (and check file access privileges). If you have any other problems in-game please send a report using the F3 bug report tool so we get log files to fix it.

Any log files that you can share at [email protected] to help fix this issue.

The servers are live at 3 PM CET and the Closed Alpha will end on December 21st.

Fairytale Distillery are currently using Unity 5.3 for development. Vulcan is not even in their vocabulary yet. As it normally takes a couple months for Unity versions to be stable enough to actually use them in a live production.

For now, jump into the Closed Alpha and play your way. And add The Exhiled to your Steam Wishlist.

Leave a comment below with the KEY you used. This will make it easier for everyone.


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