Two Guys from Andromeda’s SpaceVenture

The unnamed Kickstarter game of Two Guys


You’ve covered Kickstarter projects for Linux games before (Vigrior, and coryholl’s big list, for example)… recently there has been a HUGE renaissance of old-school game developers bringing their goods to our favorite open-source OS.

Currently, the creators of the old-school Sierra On-Line Space Quest series, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (“The Two Guys from Andromeda”) have a campaign going for a spiritual successor to the beloved Space Quest series! It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and the Linux port is right there in their committment, from the beginning, no overfunding goal required.

These games are remembered for their self-deprecating humor, fourth-wall breaking metagame jokes, popular culture and science fiction references, and for turning gaming cliches inside out!


This campaign is also novel in a couple of cool ways; one, they are planning to turn HTML5 prototype demos at each $100,000 mark; they’ve hit the first within two days, and release them at no cost on Google’s Chrome App Market. The first HTML5 demo plays great with the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS packaged Chromium browser (I’m not currently using Chrome). They’ve also already polled for the second prototype to ask backers what they want to see next. I’ve never heard of any campaign so interactive in that way, supporting Linux out of the gate, and using standards-compliant web technology for truly cross-platform gaming demos!

Currently the project is called “Two Guys SpaceVenture“, as the final game title has not been announced yet.

by Crusader


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