Unleashed a traditional RPG launches on Steam

unleashed dark 2d rpg releases October 17th for linux and windows

Unleashed a more traditional RPG launches on Linux and Windows via Steam. And also thanks to Florent Goumot-Labesse the release is now available via Steam with a discount.

Unleashed comes with turn based battles and exploration. So like most RPG’s this includes inventory management too. All the usual feature making up part of the base game. But also popular features such as farming, crafting and even housing.
While the battles themselves are actually team oriented. This allows the player to build complex strategies to defeat strong enemies.

Plunge into the brutal Mystria, a corrupt world founded on sorcery and lies. Also exploring a dense open-world sandbox RPG with a rich history and narrative. Including a rewarding combat system brought to you by a multi-award-winning team.

Unleashed RPG Trailer (Linux and Windows)

Enjoy a constantly evolving challenge as you uncover the compelling lore and enjoy:

  • Strategic semi turn based 3 x 3 battles
  • Combat based around virtues and sins
  • Unique handcrafted maps
  • Crafting, farming and looting
  • Random events and encounters

Everything you do impacts upon the environment and resources. So things like paths and events will uniquely change when you take on the map. So peel back the surface to expose Mystria’s gruesome secrets.

As for Mystria, this is full of resources to harvest. And also random encounters and secrets that are waiting. Every time you explore a map, random elements will either spawn or not. Since this may open unknown paths.
Since there is no level scaling in the game. Each of the 300 maps are open to exploration, right from the beginning. So this allows players to explore the world at their own risks.

Available Launches:

Unleashed officially launches on Steam for Linux and Windows. Priced at $10.19 USD, this includes a 15% discount until October 24th. Where the price goes back to $11.99 USD. While an early build is available on Itch.

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