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Linux support for Nuclear Dawn is moving out of beta

Valve’s effort in pushing SteamOS and Linux gaming seems to be paying off. #Developers and publishers who thought Linux to be a non-viable option now are #porting their games to that platform. And so is #GameConnect, the developer behind the RTS and FPS hybrid Nuclear Dawn. After a very long silence, they have just announced Nuclear Dawn is ready for Linux. Back in February, the GameConnect confirmed in an email that no one was working on the Linux version, so it was at a standstill while both the Windows and Mac version were well on their way and working 100%.

In other words, the game was basically abandoning its Linux release. Before this fatal new InterWave Studios, the original developers from whom GameConnect took over, had announced a beta of the Linux version of the game. But thanks to perhaps all-of-a-sudden interest by big shot gaming companies and publishers in Linux, GameConnect has just made a public announcement on their Facebook page that a Linux version of the game is finally out of the beta and ready for public deployment.

The announcement reads, “We know it has been quiet for some time but we have something in-coming for all you Nuclear Dawn fans at the end of this week. We will basically bring the Linux beta out of beta with a bunch of fixes (including workshop map syncing speed) and merging it with the main branch so Linux, OSX and Windows players can finally play together. Stay tuned for more information soon!”

Not only does this confirm that they have actually picked up from where they had left it off (due to lack of anyone working on it), but also that they will be implementing systems that will make it compatible to be played with the game running on other platforms too.

Overall, this is a win for the community and a good sign that as more games come to Linux, the domino effect will cause other games to follow suit too.

To Celebrate the release of the latest Update for Nuclear Dawn and bringing Linux, Mac and Windows users together we are putting the game on sale this week at 75% off on Steam!

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