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Linux and Unreal Tournament comeback

Epic fans of Unreal Tournament rejoice, this just might be the epic news you’ve all been waiting for! (The pun had to be done.) If a recent #tweet from the head of #EpicGames is to be believed then the next Unreal Tournament is getting for a comeback. In other words we are going to get a new Unreal Tournament pretty soon to sink all our free time “fragging” our friends and “rocket jumping” across the arena. Oh joy!

In addition Paul Meegan, a developer at Epic also gives a developer meeting time in his tweet

So, two tweets from two different person in the company that brought us one of the most epic games in gaming history. Surely, this is not just a rumour anymore. The next Unreal Tournament is happening. Also exciting is the fact that in the recent GDC, Epic announced native Linux support for their in house engine the Unreal Engine. Even recently, with their Unreal Engine 4.1 they made good on the promise by adding Linux support. Thus making it pretty much certain that a Linux version would be ready at the launch of the next Unreal Tournament, which should be epic news for Linux gamers. Not to mention the last Unreal Tournament game, UT 3 had a working Linux version, but was never released. That left many a Linux gamer disappointed, so this could be the redeeming move that they needed to get back on the good books of Linux gamers.

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