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Liquid War 6 – Free linux game

A unique multiplayer wargame

Liquid War 6 is a truly original multiplayer wargame.
You have to control an army formed with thousands of pixels which look like liquid, and try and eat your opponent.

This is a total rewrite of the (now quite old) Liquid War 5 version, it’s still in beta stage, with many imperfections and no network play, yet this is were all major further developments take place. And it’s playable. Now.

License: free


– Fast-paced tactical action. Control the movement of all your forces at the same time
– Simple yet original game mechanics, discovered by Thomas Colcombet
– 10 different teams, each with their own charactaristics and special attacks
– 13 levels, each one twisting the gameplay in a new direction
– 100+ more levels if you download the bonus pack
– Levels can be created using simple image files
– Lots of level design options: walls, edge wraparound, bridges, different speed, special areas such as glue or danger and varied army size and fighter behavior
– Internationalization support, interface translated in French, Norwegian and Russian
– Free Software, part of the GNU project (licence: GNU GPL v3+)

Downloads available in RPM, DEB, Mac OSX and Windows

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