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LISA: Definitive Edition brings new content

lisa: definitive edition dark rpg games launch with new content and upgrades on linux mac windows pc

LISA: Definitive Edition dark RPG games launch with new content and upgrades on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. A product of blood, sweat, and tears poured in by the team over at Dingaling Productions. Which is now available on Steam.

So, if you remember the epic LISA series, “LISA: The Painful” and “LISA: The Joyful”. Well, these two classics have just gotten a mind-blowing upgrade. A remastered version of for the beloved LISA adventures. That’s LISA: Definitive Edition, it’s all of that and more, now available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Dingaling Productions is bringing “LISA: The First” back from the past but in a completely fresh way. Plus a new comic book that retells the origin story with amazing drawings, manga-style. But, they’re keeping the rest under wraps for now.

A new glimpse into the haunting, at times hilarious, but mostly spine-chilling trip through the wreckage of Olathe. The dark RPG games trailer is now available for LISA: Definitive Edition. You might be surprised with what your eyes and ears will feast on.

LISA: Definitive Edition | Launch Trailer

Now onto Olathe. Picture a post-apocalyptic landscape where a blinding event known as the “White Flash” wiped out all the ladies. So the world’s now run by warlords and all sorts of crazy people. Here’s where you step in. You’re off on a wild ride, like a two-part movie makes you laugh, cry and grit your teeth, all while trying to hold onto your sanity.

The LISA: Definitive Edition packs a punch. HD graphics like never before and silky-smooth 120 FPS for PC and current-gen consoles. They’ve added some heart-wrenching campfire convos that’ll let you feel the loss of your comrades even more. You’ll face never before seen foes, deal with quests packed with fresh dialogue, battles, and multiple story endings that’ll leave you gasping.

The battle mechanics have a fresh coat of paint for the LISA: Definitive Edition. New Warlord Skills, timed attacks, and UI that’s been given a serious face lift. That is also the same for the art overlays for wide-screen viewing or the new music. Plus, if you want a chill ride, there’s a mode for that. All of the story, less of the pain.

For the controller fiends, you’ve got features like Switch HD Rumble and PlayStation DualSense haptics and audio built-in. All in all, LISA: Definitive Edition full easter eggs and surprises to keep you guessing.

So, prepare yourself, this is gonna be one wild ride. LISA: Definitive Edition dark RPG games are available on Steam. Priced at $27.99 USD / £23.60 / 27,19€, including the 20% discount. Along with support for Linux as well as Steam Deck playable.

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