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List of Open Source (and Linux supported) Game Engines

by Sofox from Ubuntu Forums

There’s been a bit of talk about Game Engines, so I figure we should make a list of Open Source ones for easy reference (thanks juancarlospaco for suggested additions):

3D engine using Python and with web plug-ins. Good for fast development and used by Disney for various games.

Darkplaces Engine
Modified id engine with advanced features, used in Steel Storm.

Advanced version of Quake 3 engine

Cube Engine
FPS Engine with in game Level Editing

Irrlicht Engine
Provides a set of tools and utilities for making 3d games

Blender Game Engine
Integrated into the Blender 3d modeler. Allows for fast building of games instantly using assets created in Blender. Games can be build using “logic blocks” or Python code.

Powerful for game graphics, but not much else. Used in various commercial games.

Open source Doom 3 engine, supported by the guys behind ioQuake3

On the 2D side of things:

Allows Lua scripts to make games. Used for Not Tetris 2 and Mari0

Python libraries to assist game making via SDL.

The Linux Game Consortium has a list of linux game engines here.

Incomplete list, but I wanted to hit the main ones. Any suggestions?

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