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LIT: Bend the Light brings remarkable puzzles

lit: bend the light game brings remarkable puzzles to linux mac windows pc

LIT: Bend the Light game release brings remarkable puzzles to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Copperglass. The games now available with day one support on Steam.

LIT: Bend the Light takes place in a time where electricity isn’t a thing. Since imaginations of great inventors put the world in motion. So that game tests your own inner engineer. While letting you discover and experiment with light first hand.

The behaviour of light in LIT: Bend the Light is physically accurate. So that the amazing light paths you build in LIT are possible. But also extremely challenging to reproduce in real life. So that the game gives you the opportunity to set up mirrors and glass pieces. Reflect and refract a light beam with just few clicks of the mouse.

All of the puzzles are open-ended. Give you the rules and the tools to solve the problem. Each puzzle also has a number of possible solutions in each level. But don’t let those numbers fool you. Each puzzle is waiting for the players to find solutions not yet thought of.

LIT: Bend the Light – Release Trailer

Visuals thread on the thin line between cartoonish and realistic. Relaxing music, which helps you focus on gameplay. All of which creates a unique, mysterious but warm setting.

When light hits a mirror and it reflects, it hits glass and it bends. And yet, it offers thousands of possibilities. Which means each of the remarkable puzzles are different and unique.

LIT: Bend the Light is extremely innate. Testing the game in multiple gaming events proves that it works for all age groups. And of course, all types of players. Likewise, its up to you to find every solution and beyond. Or maybe you’re searching for a game for a younger player. Controller player or mouse and keyboard type, LIT’s got you covered.

The release also comes with a 10% discount until May 22nd. Priced at $4.49 USD. With a native build for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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