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Little Dungeon Stories a new card based RPG

little dungeon stories a new card based rpg for linux and windows pc

Little Dungeon Stories is a brand new card based RPG for Windows PC, and then Linux. Thanks to developer Breakfast Studio. The release is coming soon to Steam.

Little Dungeon Stories is a challenging roguelike card based RPG. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign last month. Now getting ready for players to enter the dungeon full of secrets. While facing hostile monsters, deadly traps, and legendary loot. So how long do you think you can survive?

Linux Release:

This game is made with Unity. I’m pretty sure the Linux port will be closer to the full release.

While this is good news. There are further details, “we are going to delay the release to first or second week of December.” Which means the developer is putting more work into developing. So, “the game is going to be more polished and there will be more content.”
Since Little Dungeon Stories is using Unity 3D. And the game runs well via Steam Play / Proton.

Little Dungeon Stories Official Launch Trailer

A recent rumor says that a certain crypt keeps an unfathomable treasure. While a handful of intrepid adventurers have already ventured into the cave. None have returned and now their souls travel within this deep dungeon. Without being intimidated by danger. You enter the crypt in Little Dungeon Stories


  • An Unpredictable Dungeon – Each floor of the Dungeon brings you new items, monsters, and deadly traps. All types of curses, and areas to explore. While you try to keep your Health, Energy, Humanity, and your Money to the maximum.
  • Enchanted Items – Discover magic items, powerful weapons in Little Dungeon Stories. As well as shields to combat the imminent dangers.
  • Shops – Replenish with the stores you find, but be careful not to spend more than you owe…
  • Status effects – The dungeon is dangerous, and as if that were not enough, enemies, items and actions will make your character suffer different status effects that will change the way you play.
  • Unlockable classes, Weapons, & Companions – The more you play, the greater the chance you’ll unlock new cards and content within the Dungeon.
  • Explore the Crypt – Explore five unique areas each with their own set of dangers such as monsters, unique bosses, and traps.

Little Dungeon Stories the new card based RPG is coming to Steam. Due to release on November 15th. But it looks like the Windows PC launch is going to be delayed to December. Followed then by Linux support. Which means we’ll have a more polished game.
So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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