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Little Legend adventure doing well on Kickstarter

little legend adventure kickstarter in linux windows games

Little Legend is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game on Kickstarter for Windows and Mac, but Linux will follow. French developer Nevermind is asking for €30,600 and the project is already 44% funded. There are still 27 days to go for crowdfunding campaign, so things are looking up.

Little Legend came to light back in August after discussing Linux support. Well the Kickstarter campaign itself does not boast a native release. But our previous email message outlines the following:

“According to the success of the release on consoles and PC, we expect a Mac & Linux port.”

This may seem like ominous news, but most developers seem to release Linux support post launch. The current success of the Kickstarter campaign is a good sign. And I do not see Linux as part of a stretch goal. That sort of community motivation triggers people. Baiting Linux gamers to bid on a crowdfunding campaign, no thanks. But Little Legend is a Unity 3D title, so I have high hopes for the port.

Little Legend takes place in a dreamlike open world. You play as Pimpim, a young girl with supernatural powers who sets off to explore the world. Little Legend also lets the player craft its own magic abilities. Doing so to explore a huge captivating world. While working to discover the secret behind the rebuilding of the universe.

Little Legend 2D adventure Kickstarter (Windows, then Linux)

The Games Features:

  • Create your own Magic Spells & Companions
  • Explore a 2D dreamlike Open World
  • Fight in fast-paced action
  • Discover a character-driven story with relevant Narrative Choices
  • Craft and Sell items in your own Shop
  • Fly and talk with creatures as a Magic Weasel

Little Legend is seeking €30,600 by february 8th, 2019. The developer is working to strengthen the production and enhance the sprite and animation quality. Little Legend will be released on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, PS4 and XBOX One. The Linux and Mac release would be releasing post launch. So this means somewhere after the 2020 debut.

I will update this post with further details, so stay tuned.

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