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London Startup Scirra Launches HTML5 Game Creator — No Programming Required

London Startup Scirra Launches HTML5 Game Creator — No Programming Required

London, UK (PRWEB) August 25, 2011

Games can now be made in Construct 2 using its visual interface without the user needing technical skills, Scirra has announced. It also serves as a rapid prototyping tool for advanced game developers. Users define their game logic by creating blocks called “events”, which are intuitively readable. Animations, sounds and special effects can be dragged and dropped into the editor to complete the games.

Games made in Scirra’s Construct 2 consist of just HTML, Javascript and images. Authors have total freedom to distribute their creations without restriction. “A drawback of other tools is you have to publish through the vendor’s channels” says Director Thomas Gullen. “Our tool gives the authors total control.”

HTML5 games can be played in any modern web browser including on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. The free edition of Construct 2 comes with original music, sounds and art to inspire new game creators. The $32 “Standard Early-Adopter” license adds features and more media, and there are extra options for businesses.

Ashley Gullen, Director, comments “Given how quickly browsers are progressing, we think HTML5 will overtake Flash sooner than people think. It’s all fuelled by fierce browser competition – the browser wars are in full swing again which is great news for web developers”.

Scirra is a London based startup founded in 2011 by brothers Ashley Gullen and Thomas Gullen. Privately funded, Scirra aims to follow on from the success of its open-source predecessor Construct Classic, which has been downloaded 500,000 times to date.


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