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Lonesome Village life simulator already funded

lonesome village life simulator already funded on kickstarter in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Lonesome Village life simulator already funded on Kickstarter in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Ogre Pixel. Due to release on Steam in 2021. With the crowdfunding campaign passing the $19,874 USD goal, currently $76,122 USD.

The Mexican indie studio Ogre Pixel is proud to announce that its next title. Lonesome Village is now live on Kickstarter and funded within the first 24 hrs. With the goal to cover the financial needs for the game development. Which is also the eighth game developed by the studio. Ogre Pixel’s first journey into development for PC and Consoles.

Lonesome Village takes place in a cozy, quiet town rebuilding after a strange disaster wipes out their homes. Players will take on the role of Wes, a little coyote that has arrived at the town. Due to bring it back from the edge of destruction. Hoping to also save the kidnapped villagers from a dark tower which that appeared outside of town.

This 2D puzzle filled adventure will be a reflection of classic RPG’s. Lonesome Village also takes inspiration from the puzzles of Zelda games. Not to mention the social and life simulation of Animal Crossing.

Lonesome Village Trailer

“Since I was a child, thanks to video games. I discovered that a controller, a console, and a TV allowed me to explore incredible stories and fantasy worlds. That same feeling is what motivates us to work on Lonesome Village. Our first video game in development for PC and consoles. To achieve this dream we have decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. We hope you like it and support us 🙂 ”, Esteban Durán is Ogre Pixel’s Director.


  • Gorgeous, inviting art style – Lonesome Village is certainly a perfect place to rest up after a long day adventuring.
  • A detailed and fascinating world full of mystery and adventure.
  • Mind bending puzzles to gain entry to and also make your way up a mysterious magic tower. Doing so one dungeon at a time.
  • Hang out and make friends with a variety of cute characters.
  • Save villagers from a perilous stay in the tower. While you help bring them back home to Lonesome!
  • Make Lonesome your home – earn land in the village. Since you have to build and customize your house inside and out.
  • Help Lonesome grow by working in your garden and fishing in the nearby lakes.
  • Discover the gripping story of Lonesome’s origins and learn about Wes’s secret past.

Lonesome Village life simulator already funded will be developed for both Steam and Nintendo Switch. The crowdfunding campaign still has 5 days to go. Due to release in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

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