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The Long Reach gory adventure coming this fall

the long reach gory adventure coming this fall to linux mac windows games steam

The Long Reach is an intricate gory adventure coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since it’s up to you to solve puzzles, run, and hide. The games story takes place in the Baervox, a fictional American town. While the scientific institute there designs a revolutionary system of accelerated transfer of knowledge. As you would expect, everything went wrong. So technology went out of control. As an aftermath, Institute, and the whole town turned into a real nightmare. While the experiment participants grew into… well. We cannot tell you that, no spoilers. Coming this fall.

Hi, Todd!

We’re using Unity engine.
And yes, we expect to see The Long Reach on Linux as well:) But unfortunately, I have no details to say for now, e.g. exact release date.

The Long Reach Features

  • Magical realism. Painted Black Games are going for a usual and mundane expedition. Where things get weird and twist as the story unfolds.
  • Your enemies aren’t faceless zombies or possessed puppets. They are humans whose lives and stories matter.
  • Solo mode for adventure lovers. Control Steward, the junior researcher at the scientific institute. He is an ordinary person who will have to untangle the story. Save the world and survive.
  • Unforgettable narrative. It is a thrilling horror story, filled with sci-fi idea’s, psychological context and a skeptical view. Hence the progress of human action.
  • The Long Reach is the almost 100% classic adventure game. But dressed up with a little haunting element.
  • More than fifty locations.
  • For about twenty main and background characters.
  • More than sixty items, which you will have to collect and apply.
  • More than 12 000 words in dialogs and script.
  • Mad folks will haunt you. There are few of them, but they won’t let you relax.
  • Handmade pixel art, created pixel by pixel from scratch.
  • Original atmospheric music. Our composer’s indeed music maniac. He brings strange things into the studio and turns them into the pieces of music. We don’t understand what he’s doing, but his work can’t be overestimated.

The gory adventure of The Long Reach is expect to debut this fall. Since the games expecting to launch on Steam for Linux,Mac and Windows.

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