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The Long Reach has a solid release date Steam

the long reach gory adventure has a solid release date steam for mac windows no linux

The Long Reach is an intricate adventure gets a Steam release date for Windows and Mac, but not Linux. Well at least not yet. The games unique experience, where you solve puzzles, run and hide. The Long Reach is set for a digital release on Windows, Mac, PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. There is no Linux in the mix, yet.

Linux support:

“As for Linux, we’re working on it very hard. There are the couple of issues with porting to Linux. But we don’t give up!”

Since we have a release date, that is positive news. We are hope Painted Black Games will be able to make the release with Linux support. No specifics are being given at this time.

So The Long Reach story takes place in Baervox, fictional American town. The scientific institute designs a revolutionary system of accelerated knowledge transferring. As it usually happens, everything goes wrong. So technology gets out of control. As an aftermath, Institute, and the whole town also turn into a real nightmare. And the experiment participants grew into. Well… no spoilers for now.

The Long Reach Announcement Teaser (Mac, Windows, Linux later)

The Long Reach Features

  • The Long Reach is a horror-thriller hell bent on screwing with your perception of things.
  • The game misuses stunning pixel art to create gruesome and unsettling images.
  • You’ll be playing as Calvin throughout the game – this is an example of the lies and deception that we have in store for you.
  • You won’t have to figure everything out. Escape if you wish, in fact, we encourage you to run for your life!
  • Solve puzzles that require thinking outside the box.
  • You’ll be able to talk with plenty of characters. In fact, you’ll have a chance to pitch in every five lines or so.
  • A classic adventure game inventory filled with keys and weird stuff (note: no Elvish swords glowing faintly blue when evil is close in this game).
  • Original atmospheric and haunting soundtrack. The composer’s not right in the head, he brought weird stuff home to use in the soundtrack. We’re all concerned for his cat.

Steam release date:

The Long Reach has a Steam release date, coming on March 14, 2018. The games coming to Mac and Windows, while Linux could will be coming later. All versions priced at $14.99, £12.99, €14.99.

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